In-Joy Fitness
  • Kristi-Lynn Lake

    ISSA Certified Trainer, Nutritionist and Owner of In-Joy Fitness.

"If I can do it, you can, too!"

Kristi-Lynn, a Southern California native, has always been extremely passionate about overcoming adversity.

Being born missing part of her left arm lead Kristi-Lynn to raise above the every day challenges of living life while being "different". She found a way to conquer the obstacles that she faced in Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, as well as in becoming a musician and playing the drum set and snare drum.

But we all experience setbacks. In her early 20's, she was diagnosed with a very painful, chronic condition in her neck. Knowing the dangers of letting her injury take over her life, she became motivated to become well-educated in health and fitness! It was through her education, that she found a way to manage her injury, lose 40lbs gained while injured, and add strength to her body, and stability to her life! 

Kristi-Lynn proudly stands by this statement and urges everyone who is struggling through any form of setback or adversity to contact us!

"Fitness training is not only great for the body, it is absolutely necessary for the mind!"

- Kristi-Lynn Lake